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About the program
Computer Class: World Gone By
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Sessions in the computer class World Gone By
The computer class will reflect on contemporary digital practices and environments considering a specific historical moment and the various stories that have shaped them.
Sessions in the computer class World Gone By
September 18, 17:00–18:30
Game session with Mikhail Maksimov creator of the video game The Tool
June 10–November 12, 13:00–16:00
Playing the Game: A Game by Asya Volodina
Fragile Archive
Outside All Dimensions. Contemporary Art Practices and Journalism in Russia
The program aims to support research projects by Russian and international authors writing in Russian and to develop the press as artistic media.

Garage Digital is stopping work on this project until the human and political tragedy unfolding in Ukraine ceases.
Outside All Dimensions
A program in support of hybrid research projects
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The new season of the Garage Digital grant program invites artists and researchers to explore the idea of multiple coexisting worlds and ways of creating them, drawing on Donna Haraway’s theory of “situated knowledges.”
Grant program
Situated Worlds
Artists and projects
The Martian Word for World is Mother
Alice Bucknell
Merging science-fiction strategies, speculative biology, 3D world-building, language AIs, and contemporary architectural proposals for space colonization, The Martian Word for World is Mother draws new links between a speculative society on the Red Planet and our own.

The work uses the fantasy of an interplanetary future for humanity as an allegory to examine planetary systems here on Earth, while proposing non-anthropocentric futures for Mars. Picking up where sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson left off with the Mars trilogy and incorporating research on the Anthropocene and multispecies thinking posited by Donna Haraway, Ursula K. Le Guin, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, and Jackie Wang, among others, the project uses a virtual Mars world built in the game engine Unreal Engine as a lab for exploring the social, technological, and ecological entanglements of three speculative Martian settlements.

Drawing an unlikely link between Mars and Scotland that spans language, sociology, and geology, one of the project's settlements, an eco-feminist cult, expands on the possibility of non-human life on Mars by merging mysticism, rewilding, plant consciousness, and a speculative Martian-Gaelic language built with a Natural Language Processor (NLP) and the Language AI GPT-3. Other settlements critique ideas of terraforming Mars for Earthly settlement, proposed by the likes of Elon Musk, and a speculative bio-infrastructure resource extraction conglomerate augured by Silicon Valley demi-gods, which mines Martian permafrost for clean water and air to transport back to Earth. Borrowing from already-existent architectural propositions to settle Mars, ranging from eco-conscious smart cities drilled into cliffs to international “Martian training camps” on Lanzarote and in the Arabian Desert, the project blends real and rendered environments, setting the stage for an experimental and multimedia narrative that dissolves the line between fact and (near-future) fiction.

More generative links between Mars and the Earth blossomed long before interplanetary settlement became a near-future concern. 

The Martian Word for World is Mother reclaims the haptic space of Mars as a site of entangled life, in order to imagine more-than-human futures for the Red Planet and our own.

Alice Bucknell

(b. 1993, London) is a North American artist, writer, and educator. Working primarily through video game engines, her current oeuvre explores interconnections of architecture, ecology, magic, and non-human and machine intelligence. She uses speculative fiction and worldbuilding strategies to critique architecture's role in the climate crisis and its contribution to systems of global inequality.
Fire Almanac, issue 2: Pangaea Ultima
Dmitry Gerchikov, Ekaterina Zakharkiv, Maksim Ilyukhin, Ivan Kurbakov
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World on a wire
This joint project by the online platform Rhizome (New York) and Garage Digital comprises a series of discussions and a performance that explore simulation practices in digital art production.

Performance Hydrogen City is the new site-specific performance by Digital Object Alliance invites visitors to experience the materiality of a speculative world of the future through the possible embodiment of videogame logics. The performance took place at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow as part of the joint program by Garage Digital and the online platform Rhizome for the international exhibition World on a Wire.
About the project Trickle Down: A New Vertical Sovereignty by Helen Knowles
19 October
Science Fiction Reading Group
12 August
Discussion of Lu Yang’s performance
DOKU Giant – LuYang the Destroyer
11 July
Stream of the survival game Still Alive
30 May
Performance by Lu Yang
Machinic Infrastructures of Truth, 2020
Anna Engelhardt
All Dungeons Will Fall. 2020
Aleksei Taruts
Outsourcing Paradise, 2020
Never Agency, 2020
Sara Culmann
The Ultimate Science, 2020
Valentin Golev
19 March
Digital Workers’ Conference
The Tool
Mikhail Maksimov
Catastrophe, an episode from the video game Yuha’s Nightmares
Yulia Kozhemyako (supr)
Speedrun. Video Games in Contemporary Art
A selection of materials on the intersection between video games and game development using contemporary art practices.
Speedrun. Video Games in Contemporary Art
Video games and contemporary art
Dasha Nasonova
Handmade Pixels Reader
Dima Vesnin
In-Game Photography
Konstantin Remizov
(a very brief) GAME STUDIES READER
Daria Kalugina
15 October
Open call to select participants for a performance by the multimedia artist Lu Yang
Reborn. 2020
German Lavrovsky
Animating the Archive
Afrah Shafiq
21 July
Science Fiction Reading Group
The Art of Screen Culture and Instagram
Anastasia Chebotareva and Alexander Izvekov for BURO.
Eco Jam hackathon
Xerces Blau, 2019
James Ferraro and Ezra Miller
Those Who, 2019
Sascha Pohflepp
Russian Ferations, 2019
Posthuman Studies Lab
FOOOD 2050, 2014–2019
Gints Gabrāns
Materialism, a sculpture on reverse engineering
Studio Drift
16 April
A Performative Lecture by Kirill Savchenkov
IAM, 2018
Exhibition project
Those Who
Matthew Lutz and Alessia Nigretti
The Coming World Game Club
An extensive public program includes a series of Let's Play events run by artists, art and culture critics, and game studies experts, which will also be live-streamed.
Lu Yang
Artist talk and Let's Play
1 December
Sasha Puchkova’s Speculative Concilium
30 November
Performance by Sofa Skidan
29 November
A lecture by Daria Kalugina
23 November
Eco Jam Hackathon
Garage Game Club: Post-Apocalypse and dystopia
Games list
Garage Game Club: Other life forms
Games list
Garage Game Club: Ecologies
Games list
Garage x Elena Nikonole
Episode II. Conference
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