Outside All Dimensions. Contemporary Art Practices and Journalism in Russia
The program aims to support research projects by Russian and international authors writing in Russian and to develop the press as artistic media.

Garage Digital is stopping work on this project until the human and political tragedy unfolding in Ukraine ceases.
Outside All Dimensions
A program in support of hybrid research projects
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The new season of the Garage Digital grant program invites artists and researchers to explore the idea of multiple coexisting worlds and ways of creating them, drawing on Donna Haraway’s theory of “situated knowledges.”
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Situated Worlds
Artists and projects
Sunken, yet forever on the surface of the heart
Sahil Naik
Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva
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Garage Digital grant program aims to support and develop projects, artworks, and theoretical research driven by an interest in new technologies and media.
Five artists received grants to produce projects using new technology and digital media, which are presented on the Garage Digital platform in 2020.
Grant program
New Research Practices
Grant projects
Valentin Golev
All Dungeons Will Fall
Aleksei Taruts

Aleksei Taruts will produce the project All Dungeons Will Fall, which uses the gamified alleged remains of Noah’s Ark, discovered in Chechnya in 2017, to problematize the link between instant communication and the production of irrational, historical, and chance knowledge.

Aleksei Taruts
Google Maps screenshot showing the location of the alleged remains of Noah’s Ark, discovered in Chechnya. Preparatory material for the project All Dungeons Will Fall, 2020
Courtesy of the artist
Aleksei Taruts

(b. 1984) is a transmedia artist whose practice embraces primarily performative and situational works as well as mixed media installations. The key issue probed by the artist’s research is the problematization of the notions “event”, “presence”, and “testimony” as units of symbolic exchange. Taruts interprets the modes of presence and distance in relation to event, formed by the affects of cultural industry of the late capitalist era. The artist’s scope of interests also includes irrational manifestations invoked by the technologies of instant representation and attention dispersal, as well as the type of memory generated by unstable connections. Aleksei lives and works in Moscow.
Outsourcing Paradise
eeefff group
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