23 October
Performance and public talk Hydrogen City
19 October
Science Fiction Reading Group
22 September
Film screening: World on a Wire
12 August
Discussion of Lu Yang’s performance
DOKU Giant – LuYang the Destroyer
4 August
World on a Wire Dialogues
11 July
Stream of the survival game Still Alive
30 May
Performance by Lu Yang
26 May
A series of remote presence events in a digital object by Aleksei Taruts
19 March
Digital Workers’ Conference
15 October
Open call to select participants for a performance by the multimedia artist Lu Yang
21 July
Science Fiction Reading Group
16 April
A Performative Lecture by Kirill Savchenkov
12 April
A practical session by Sofa Skidan
23 February
Letsplay by Aleksei Taruts and Sergey Babkin
20 February
Letsplay by Sara Culmann
1 December
Sasha Puchkova’s Speculative Concilium
30 November
Performance by Sofa Skidan
29 November
A lecture by Daria Kalugina
23 November
Eco Jam Hackathon
Garage Education Center
As part of The Coming World Game Club, which is part of the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100, Garage invited artists, developers, and game designers to take part in Eco Jam, a hackathon dedicated to the creation of video games or prototypes of games addressing the themes raised by the exhibition.

The Coming World explores a future in the making and ecology in a broad sense, including the survival of humankind and other species, alternative ways of extracting and using natural resources, adaptation to new systems, and coexistence with new forms of life. 

Widely used in contemporary art as a medium for making artworks and conducting research, video games are simulations of real worlds that evolve according to their own rules. The study of games may help to transform large and complex systems. The game realm appears to be a perfect space for describing the external world, allowing the design and testing of speculative visual and conceptual systems, the exploration of the worlds offered by entertainment culture, and an instant response to ongoing changes in the contemporary world. 

Hackathon participants were invited to study and test the potential of video games for making artistic statements.

During input sessions, guest artists introduced methods of artistic research in the field of video game studies and explained how a game can respond to a variety of issues, going far beyond standard game genres. Experts from game design studios shared their experience of video game development and assisted the class with the technical realization of ideas.

Works selected by the jury will be displayed on the Garage Digital platform. Participants’ games can be developed on a variety of platforms, including Unity, Unreal Engine, and mobile platforms.

15 November
A lecture by Alexander Vetushinsky
10 November
100 Games on Ecology. Postlecture and workshop
3 November
Public Talk by Jose Sanchez
17 October
Artist talk and Let's Play by Lu Yang
6 October
Let's Play by Dasha Nasonova and Dima Vesnin
4 October
Public talk with Hideo Kojima
28 September
A lecture by Sergey Rozhin
22 July
Let’s Play. Lawrence Lek: 2065
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