23 October
Performance and public talk Hydrogen City
19 October
Science Fiction Reading Group
22 September
Film screening: World on a Wire
12 August
Discussion of Lu Yang’s performance
DOKU Giant – LuYang the Destroyer
4 August
World on a Wire Dialogues
11 July
Stream of the survival game Still Alive
30 May
Performance by Lu Yang
26 May
A series of remote presence events in a digital object by Aleksei Taruts
19 March
Digital Workers’ Conference
15 October
Open call to select participants for a performance by the multimedia artist Lu Yang
21 July
Science Fiction Reading Group
16 April
A Performative Lecture by Kirill Savchenkov
12 April
A practical session by Sofa Skidan
23 February
Letsplay by Aleksei Taruts and Sergey Babkin
20 February
Letsplay by Sara Culmann
1 December
Sasha Puchkova’s Speculative Concilium
30 November
Performance by Sofa Skidan
29 November
A lecture by Daria Kalugina
23 November
Eco Jam Hackathon
15 November
A lecture by Alexander Vetushinsky
10 November
100 Games on Ecology. Postlecture and workshop
14:00–18:00 at The Coming World Game Club
Artist Lena Klabukova believes that currently there are no inspiring strategies in the ecological discourse and proposes engaging with recycling and the overproduction of ideas with help of video games.

Referring to Timothy Morton’s book Being Ecological, Klabukova will demonstrate which aspects of the book she finds important will propose working with Morton’s main idea, that in order to solve environmental problems we need to relax and become more playful.

Klabukova suggests starting with computer games. There will be a short lecture, joint research, and a creative workshop based on collective intersectional accelerationism. The artist guarantees the production of over 100 ideas for new games with an ecological theme that participants can later use at their discretion.

This event is designed for players of any games and anyone interested in fashionable and unfashionable philosophies; art; hard and soft sci-fi; computing; the humanities; science; magic; and visual, auditory, bodily, and other cultures. In fact, anyone interested in anything.

Lena Klabukova

An artist with broad interests and writes for the site AroundArt.org. She is currently engaged mainly in psychophysiological experiments. From 2007 to 2009, she worked as an idea producer at BrainStore Idea Factory (Switzerland). From 2011 to 2013, she studied games at the universities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, and New South Wales and wrote a thesis on the similarities between the basic principles of computer games and neoliberalism.
3 November
Public Talk by Jose Sanchez
17 October
Artist talk and Let's Play by Lu Yang
6 October
Let's Play by Dasha Nasonova and Dima Vesnin
4 October
Public talk with Hideo Kojima
28 September
A lecture by Sergey Rozhin
22 July
Let’s Play. Lawrence Lek: 2065
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